Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Issue of Immigration

The topic of immigration is diverse issue that brings out many of American’s fears, racism, and xenophobia. This is especially apparent in Trump’s rhetoric throughout the campaign. Concerning illegal immigration, Trump believes that there should be a wall that separates the US and Mexican border. This idea is simply absurd. The wall is estimated to cost 8 billion dollars and probably couldn’t be built because of varying terrain. Similarly absurd is Trump’s assertion to ban anymore Muslims from entering the country. All Trump is doing is appealing to the fears and emotions that many American citizens hold.

It is important to remember some of the values of that the US claims to hold, these values would be the ideals of freedom and liberty. Candidates like Trump are dividing the country and forgetting these beliefs. Instead of deporting 11 million illegal immigrants, there should be comprehensive immigration reform. I applaud Obama’s use of executive orders to aid illegal immigrants when the Congress could not reach a decision. Many illegal immigrants who contribute to society live in fear of deportation. Illegal immigrants who entered the country when they were very young only know America as their home. America’s goal should be to find a path to citizenship for hardworking illegal immigrants that are in the country right now. Policies such as DACA or deferred action may grant periodic safeguard from deportation, but it does not lead to a direct path to citizenship. For hard working illegal immigrants who positively contribute to society, there should be a path to citizenship so that they do not have to live in fear of deportation. Instead of deporting those who contribute to society, the government should focus on deporting criminals who affect the safety of the country.

It is also important to address the issue of refugees from Middle East. According to Trump, Muslims should be banned from entering the nation. This assertion is offensive and only creates more damage both at home and abroad. In the nation, this prejudice only causes cultural divides. More assertions like this will also only offend Middle Eastern nations and strains relations. Instead we should welcome refugees, as they are fleeing from rampant violence and their homes have been obliterated by terrorist groups such as ISIS. Of course it is important to keep our country safe. Instead of banning anymore refugees who probably have no ties to terrorism, we should work on bolstering intelligence and dismantling terrorist group’s use of social media to recruit members at home. Overall, the US should work to welcome immigrants rather than turning its head. The US is seen as a bastion of freedom and liberty, and should continue to be seen in this way.


  1. I like your analysis of all these issues, but I'm slightly unsure whether this is a rhetorical analysis or a personal opinion, as you've included a bit of both. One thing that made the whole argument against Trump ten times better was noting that he only uses pathos for all of his arguments (and counter-arguments). Otherwise a great read!


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  3. I like how you said "Instead of deporting those who contribute to society, the government should focus on deporting criminals who affect the safety of the country." So much of the reasoning for the Republican candidate's, especially Trump's, anti-immigration policies is the assumption that all these illegal immigrants are harmful to society. It's such a blatant logical fallacy it's hard to believe some people buy into it. Likely because of fear, as you said.