Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Gun for a Gun

In today's modern America, taking away one's gun is taking away their hobby. For some, it's selfish reasons and others it's the exact opposite. This is where the controversy begins because some deny to acknowledge the dangers that come with legal guns while others are those exact reasons people want guns to become illegal. 

Most people dismiss how tragic the numbers of homicides by guns because they don't have Chicago-like areas around them. They avoid the truth because it doesn't personally affect them. It's hard for most Americans to understand this concept because of their want to keep and own guns. But, owning a gun no matter where in America a person is still affects our gun violence issue. Guns end up in the wrong hands all the time, resulting in home and out of home accidents as well as homicides. 

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A common excuse used is that our country isn't even in the top 10 countries by comparison for murder by a gun. While it's true, The United States is also a much more developed country to the ones it's compared to in those statistics. America sadly outshines other developed countries in the statistics of murder by gun. The United States number's are almost ten times as much as other developed countries. 

Guns should be used solely for protection, which in some cases they are. But the problem backfires sometimes, because those people who are protecting themselves are likely protecting themselves from someone with a gun. 

The right to owning a gun isn't worth this many lives, especially if asked by those personally affected. 

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