Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Growing up an Immigrant

I was adopted from Guatemala and had to become a citizen to live here. I want many people to have the same citizenship as I have gained. Donald Trump wants to ban Muslims and make a wall to "keep the Mexicans out" but he doesn't realize, without immigrants, the United States as a whole wouldn't be as successful. In 2012 there were 8.1 illegal immigrants looking for jobs or working, That's 5.7% of the U.S. Labor force. Also in 2014 there was 25.7 million foreign-born persons in the U.S. labor force. Isn't that crazy that people want to get rid of that? I also believe that it should be easier for an immigrant to gain their citizenship in the United States rather than in the 1800s where blacks were questioned things that they had never learned or had access too. It's treated almost the same. You shouldn't need to know the history of the United States and you should need to know how the government works in details. The same goes for immigrants! Also, I believe they should be more accepted in this nation because technically, we are all immigrants as well. The colonists still came from England, therefore making the first people here, immigrants. Just because the guy who said, "I started with a small loan of 1 billion dollars" said we should rid of Mexicans/Latinos and Muslims, doesn't make it the right thing to do.

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  1. I liked the beginning of your argument because it gave you some credibility derived from your own experience. All of your points had merit, but if you were to separate them it would help your argument be more concise.