Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Immigration and America

One of the main topics in the presidential election right now is the issue of immigration and what we should do about it. Ideas range from deporting all illegal immigrants and building a wall to keep the Mexican people out of our country to lets allow their children to citizens but not the parents because they came here illegally. To me, this issue is not the most complicated thing in terms of the idea, executing the idea is a whole different story.
There is a stereotype going around right now that says that most illegal immigrants are violent criminals or they are only here to sell drugs. Many people, like Trump fall into the trap of this lie. In fact, most illegal immigrants are hard working families, who seek the opportunity to have a better life and provide for their family. Because of this reason we should allow all illegal immigrants without a violent or drug related crime to become American citizens. On the other hand, criminals should be deported back to mexico. A question that people often ask, especially when referring to Trump is, should we build a wall? Personally, I am neither for nor against building a wall at the Mexican-American boarder. Several countries like Vatican city have done this to control who goes in and out of the country. This will allow the US to have better control over the drugs that brought in and out of this country. It was also allow the US to control who goes in and out of the country and deny criminals access to United States. Contrary to this, building a wall would go against all American values. This country was built on Immigration and allowing people to move to America in search for a better life. If I were to be forced to make a decision on whether or not I would be in favor of building a wall, I would have to lean on the safer side, which is building the wall. It would lower the amount of drugs brought into the US and give the government greater knowledge as to who is coming in and out of the country. However, there is yet another downside to building a wall. Doing this would weaken Mexican-American relations, which could only lead to more issues. Because of this, I chose to remain undecided on this issue.

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