Thursday, February 4, 2016

Donald Trump: The King of Oversimplification

"I'm going to build a great wall and Mexico is going to pay for it"-Donald Trump. The logical fallacy of oversimplification is when the solution to a problem is made to be very simplistic. Trump's concept of building a wall as solution to illegal immigration to the United States is a prime example of oversimplification. Trump is arguing that the solution that he is proposing will solve illegal immigration in the United States and that the Mexican government is going to pay for it. The sense of effortlessness that Trump portrays when talking about this plan shows that it is an oversimplification of a largely debated topic in American politics.

Trump's argument does not recognize that just because a wall is built, illegal immigration will not cease completely. The prospect of Mexico paying for it is also a simplification in that Trump believes that the Mexican government will see that they should pay for the wall. Trump is simplifying the strength of the Mexican government by saying that they will pay for the wall because he tells them to.  Trump's belief that a wall will stop illegal immigration and that the Mexican government will pay for it creates an oversimplification that reduces a large topic of debate to an "easy fix".

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  1. I think you did a very good job explaining your logical fallacy I completely agree with your argument. He has this very basic plan to try and solve a huge problem. Also the fact that he says he will make the Mexican government pay for it is astonishing. Why would they want to pay for it? It doesn't benefit them really in any way. Also, if people really wanted to come illegally into America to escape violence and poverty, would a wall really stop them? Trump really needs to rethink his flawed plan.