Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cruz: "The Invasion"

Ted Cruz recently released an advertisement regarding the importance of immigration regulation. The title of the advertisement, "Invasion," presents Cruz's audience with a sense that Cruz is aware of the growing issue. Throughout the one minute film, Cruz uses several outputs of media and rhetorical devices to strengthen and rally supporters for his immigration plan. In the advertisement, Cruz uses video effects, filming techniques, ethos, and forceful diction to evoke emotion and convey that he will establish firmer border patrols and prevent more illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

The advertisement begins with short, slow motion video of people running (most dressed like lawyers, bankers, etc.) through desert land and water. Each short clip then flashes to a plain black screen, transitioning one short clip to another. In addition, dramatic, 'dooming,' music plays in the background. These added effects establish a serious and overpowering presence. The emotion evoked from these effects make viewers to feel trapped, and as though Cruz will come to their rescue. Cruz's booming voice also supports that he is powerful, and in charge. The business clothing style signifies Cruz's ironic point that most illegal immigrants are often not associated in any higher, business occupations. Cruz tries to prove that if illegal immigrants were taking the jobs of lawyers and bankers, then the immigration issue would be much more on Americans' radar. Cruz states, "And I would say that the politics of it would be very, very different if a lot of lawyers or bankers were crossing the Rio Grande." Through the advertisement, Cruz emphasizes the growing need to fix the immigration problem.

Furthermore, the camera is often at a higher angle, suggesting that the people running are vulnerable to Cruz's aggressive immigration plan. The people running are also shown at a faster speed, further implying the increasing number of illegal immigrants, and that the rapid 'invasion' of illegal immigration is detrimental to America's economic system.

Moreover, Cruz uses his ethos and demanding language to evoke more support for his campaign. He says, “I understand that when the mainstream media covers immigration, it doesn’t often see it as an economic issue. But, I can tell you it is a very personal economic issues." Cruz uses words such as 'I,' 'you,' and 'personal' not only to connect with his audience, but also to establish that he knows how to fix the overflow of illegal immigrants and that he will be taken seriously. Cruz additionally forcefully expresses, "...the economic calamity that is befalling our nation." Cruz is aware that the issue must be solved and repeatedly uses a tone that demonstrates leadership and power. He then goes on to conclude as his logo (TrusTED) appears,“If I’m elected President, we will triple the border control, we will build a wall that works, we WILL secure the border." His logo displays the sense of alliance and true emotional connection that most Americans strive for when electing a president. Cruz believes on taking the initiative to bring attention to the growing problem before it can get worse.

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