Thursday, February 11, 2016


Immigration is a major issue in the United States. Some presidential candidates feel that immigrants should be deported, banned, and blocked from coming to the United States. Other candidates have different approaches to the situation. There are many ways that the US immigration policy can approach this situation.

Although immigration is a huge problem to these candidates, the methods in decreasing immigration should not be as dramatic. Immigrants that are already in the United States should not be the main focus right now. The US immigration policy should focus on keeping more immigrants from coming to the United States. Security at the border should be increased to ensure that no immigrants will pass through illegally. For undocumented immigrants, they should be given a year to become citizens of the United States and prove citizenship.

All Muslims should not be discriminated against. Every Muslim does not have the intentions of harming the US and its citizens. Unless suspicious activity is suspected, Muslims should be left alone. They should be treated as equal as every other American citizen. The US immigration policy should include that all Muslims must be documented in order to stay or come to the United States. 

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