Thursday, February 11, 2016

Trump Against Cruz

In continuation of their hostility, Republican candidate, Donald Trump, attacks Ted Cruz in his recent immigration advertisement. In Trump's "Clear Difference" ad, Ted Cruz is shown at his worst where he is stumbling over his words and is fickle about his immigration stance. Trump, however, is perfectly clear and collected, sharing his opinion on immigration, such as securing the borders. He appeals to the American people by describing the losses they've experienced because of the illegal immigrants and he utilizes ethos by degrading Cruz in order to build up his own character.

At the beginning of the campaign advertisement, snippets of an interview with Cruz play while banners displaying the accusations "Pro-Amnesty" and "Pro Immigration" appear over them. Between these clips of Cruz, comments such as "What is he talking about?" and "Yeah, right Ted" prominently flash. The combination of these two aspects describe Trump's low opinions of Cruz, which he uses to strengthen his own stature. By attacking the second leading Republican candidate, Trump's reputation and position seem more appealing, thus gaining himself voters. An interview of Trump proudly discussing his viewpoint on immigration then follows the attacks on Cruz. To appeal even more upstanding, there is uplifting and patriotic music playing in the background of his interview.

Throughout this interview, Trump uses particular diction such as "we" and "our" to unite the Americans against the immigrants causing "tremendous damage" to the country. By saying these specific words, he is building the people up to support his platform of "securing the borders" and, to overall, vote for him. All in all, Trump's "Clear Difference" advertisement attacks Cruz to build up his own character and then unifies the audience for secure borders.

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  1. I definitely agree with your argument. I would additionally say that Trump appeals to pathos because the visual Cruz's mishaps evokes uncertainty and anger. The uncertainty will force others to look for leadership (in this case Trump).