Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bernie Right Off of the Bat

"Millions of Americans are giving up on the political process, and they are giving up on the political process because they understand the economy is rigged. They are working longer hours for lower wages. They are worried about the future of their kids. And yet almost all new income and wealth is going for the top 1%, not what America is supposed to be about." Bernie Sanders opens the debate with a logical fallacy. He goes from Americans losing faith in the political process to Americans worrying about the future of their children. Many Americans are worried about the future of the upcoming generations, but then Bernie jumps to where the income is going. These are all components of why America is falling apart politically and economically, but one factor does not necessarily lead to another directly. Even though not all of Bernie's factors tie into one another directly, the strength of his argument is still apparent by addressing all of the ways in which he sees that our country is failing.

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