Friday, February 3, 2017

The war against caring

onion article
                                                                                   In this article
it uses parody and situational irony to talk about president trump. The article talks about how trump is against empathy and wants everyone stand up and take a “vow” to be against understanding others. It also talks about how there is a very big danger that the country could be riddled with passion and that we need to try hard to look at others with indifference and disdain.

This article in its entirety is an example of parody irony because the article is a parody of an actual new article that someone will make. This article also uses hyperbole to portray their message. In this article they are using hyperbole by over exaggerating what donald trump is doing. Because of the ban on many Islamic countries banning immigrants who need help they are saying that he has no empathy. They are over exaggerating because they are saying that he has a war on empathy as a whole and doesn't want anyone to understand other people's situations. And that if he continues on his path many and gets what he wants, generations upon generations will not understand other people's feelings. 

This article is in fact trying to show people that they should care about other people and their situations and that you should have empathy and care about other people even if they’re not in your country or have nothing to do with you.

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