Friday, February 17, 2017

The Poetry in Music

When I was given the assignment to pick a song where I would have to defend it as a work of poetry I had to think about what I listen to. And the only thing that could come to mind that I listen to was country music. Specifically Church Bells, sung by Carrie Underwood and written by Hillary Lindsay, Zach Crowel, and Brett James.
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Like most country songs, Church Bells tells a story. The story told is one about a young women of a lower class who marries up because of her looks. Her husband ends up being physically abusive, everyone around them thinks that they have a perfectly fine relationship, she prays and then she kills him. 

However, the song definitely draws the listener into an experience unlike any other. The song uses a show don't tell language for the story which makes it even more appealing from the verses to the chorus the song uses vivid imagery.

She could hear those church bells ringing, ringing
And up in the loft that whole choir was singing, singing
Fold your hands and close your eyes
Yeah, its all gonna be alright
And just listen to those church bells ringing, ringing
Yeah, they're ringing
The chorus above provides the strong motif of church not only within this song but in most of her songs. Underwood grew up in Oklahoma going to her local southern Baptist church. She, herself, would sing in her church choir and would read and watch religious books and movies. Church today still has a big influence over her life deciding which movies she features in.

It was all roses, dripping in diamonds
sipping on champagne
she was all uptown, wearing that white gown
taking his last name
The vivid imagery supplied by the song writers, makes it so the listener can not only just picture what but is actually there at this wedding. Each verse is filled with unique elements of the story building up to the end.

Poetry is supposed to involve your senses and broaden your experiences. I think this song really captures both of these elements making it also a beautiful piece of

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