Thursday, February 2, 2017

Key and Peele "Black Ice"

Key and Peele are two famous comedians who base quite a few of their most popular skits on real world problems. For example the skit by the name of "Black Ice". In this skit the words "black ice" are meant to sound like "black guys" when the white new anchors are giving their reports. In this skit Key and Peele are poking fun at the common stereotype that black people do nothing but cause trouble and commit crimes. 

The message embedded in this skit is that Key and Peele are trying to defend the black people that the new anchors are stereotyping. Lines such as, "just because black ice looks a little bit different than white ice, doesn't make it anymore dangerous" and, "walking away from an ATM machine when black ice just snuck up on me and practically robbed me of my balance". These two lines in particular are a dead giveaway as to what the message is in the skit. What the short clip does is clearly address the racism problem that has been lingering in America for decades. Now, while the clip approaches the issue in a comedic fashion, it is still getting its point across very strongly. Just because someone isn't white, doesn't mean they don't deserve to be treated equally in a country that prides itself on the quote, "All Men are Created Equal".


  1. I like how you supported your argument directly with quotes, it helped prove what you had to say about the video.

  2. I definitely think this is an interesting clip, using satire to poke fun not only at racial stereotypes but also at the media and how it's biased heavily to favor white people.

  3. I think you chose a great video to analyse. I believe this clip really makes people think and does a good job at pointing out the flaws in our country. Great analyse.