Thursday, February 2, 2017

Miss America Is Actually About Brains

In an episode of John Oliver’s, “Last Week Tonight” show, John Oliver pokes fun at the Miss America Beauty Pageant. The episode makes jokes about the insane standards that the organization holds its contestants to, not only for comedic effect but to reveal the true sexist nature of beauty pageants in America.

John Oliver started off the episode by making a parody of the host and the entire premise of the competition. By mocking the show it exemplified the absurdity of beauty pageants models are judged almost entirely based on their looks. John Oliver also uses sarcasm throughout the show to further display how the Miss America Organization is based upon the over sexualization of women in society, even though they claim that their main focus is a scholarship program. Although he says “Miss America is about more than just looks…” it is clear by his tone that he really means the opposite. It is clear that in actuality he means is that it is obvious that Miss America is about only looks. By satirically presenting the subject of Miss America, John Oliver attempts to critique society and ultimately change society into one that does not over sexualize women.

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  1. Good job showing how beauty pageants are an example of sexism in America.