Wednesday, February 1, 2017

SNL Trump Satire

One of the biggest uses of satire in today's modern culture is on Saturday Night Live. In every episode you will always find some use of satire especially in the sense of making fun of a particular person. One recent one is Alec Baldwin doing the Donald Trump skits. In these skits they use so much satire, especially irony. Not only does Alec Baldwin imitate the looks, facial expressions, and hand gestures of Trump, the jokes are all directed towards decisions he has made and showcasing the kind of person most people view him to be. If you watch the video you can hear some of the hilarious references to things Trump has said. The show does a really great job with satire in the case of Trump because it’s actually quite easy to make fun of him. For example they use his obsession with twitter to make satirical jokes about him. There is one part when these men are trying to discuss security briefing and Syria and Trump is retweeting something. It's quite interesting to compare these skits to reality because they are so accurate. They obviously use a lot of dramatic irony but most of the points made are things that are very close to things that have actually happened.

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