Friday, February 3, 2017

The Humor and Danger of Female Body Standards

The concept of 'the perfect woman' is no secret to human society. All over the globe you see a wide variety of what is considered beautiful about the female body. Thigh gaps, cinched waists, big in some places, smaller in others. So specific and precise, no wonder most females are unhappy with the way they look. A sad reality can, however, make an interesting satire.
A Reductress article titled "Dying Woman Finally Achieves Body Acceptance" humorously responds to this concept by telling the story of a woman who finally loves her body, as she's dying. Martha Stanley finally accepts her body image right before she dies. Throughout the essay other woman speak on how proud they are of Stanley, as they physically highlight a part of their body that's not accepted. This is a example of situational irony, as they are promoting self-love by "squeezing their muffin top and frowning". Another example of situational irony is when Stanley speaks of when she went on a diet during the Great Depression. This could also classify as dramatic irony, since the readers clearly know no one went on a diet during that time to look skinnier. Though a short satire, this article is clearly heightening the feelings from females to look desirable and perfect. Yet from a girl's perspective the essay is much funnier. In order for a women to finally love and accept how they look, they must be on their death best with nothing else to lose. Just going to show that a perfect female body is impossible and ridiculous, and really shouldn't be to die for.

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