Thursday, February 16, 2017

Strength From A Song

The song "All Can Be Done" by Nahko and Medicine For the People was released in 2016 on the album HOKA. This song is one of my favorites. It has an uplifting feeling and message that is actually medicine to some people. This song can be seen as poetry because of its power, meaning and message.
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"All Can Be Done" is about Nahko, the singer, and how he has gotten through tough times in his life. He uses his experiences to enhance his song and speak to people through his lyrics.
Kind of a mess how I handled it all
But better the lessons when the harder you fall
This line focuses on his own struggles that he went through but he is also telling us that you can only get stronger and learn more from them. He uses "fall" as a metaphor for making mistakes.
I can't believe it what's happening to me
And I'm gonna own it, this rite of passage so attached to it
I'm gonna heal it…
This line shows that the Nahko wants us to be proud and accept the things in our lives that we cannot control. He uses himself as a model to show that you can pick yourself back up again. "this right of passage..." represents moving on or succeeding.
Whatever your method or theory of one
It all can be done
This line is one of my favorites, it reminds us that we do not have to be followers, we can blaze our our trail and do our own individual thing.
Under the pressure, under the gun
It all can be done
Here he uses a metaphor, "under the gun" to symbolize instability or chaos that might seem impossible to get through. This line could also be referring to actual violence or killing and how there is always hope for something better.

This song can bee seen as poetry because Nahko's lyrics give hope and confidence and his message to be strong is uplifting.


  1. I really like this analysis. I had never heard this song while reading your post, but I immediately understood the meaning. Great job!

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