Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Brave New World

       In the book A Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley, satire is used to show a version of the future that has taken the growth of society too far. In this new world there is no war or social struggle, with five rankings of people from Alphas to Epsilons. Yet from birth everyone is taught to love their life so there are no issues with these ranking. It uses irony to show people who think they have found all the answers to happiness, are really only ignoring life's problems. They think they have solved the problems from consumerism by consuming more, with things like drugs and sex. This new world has also gotten rid of any family issues by creating baby's in a lab, this way "family" doesn't exist anymore. Yet not only does it not exist but it is looked back on in a negative way. The authors intention for this book was portrayed perfectly, he even said A Brave New World is the idea of utopia with an ironic twist.
       The main satirical tool he uses is irony, he uses it in almost every way to show how the future could potentially get messed up. The people living in this world over consume everything to ignore the strange fake reality they are trained to love. This is shown in one case with a drug called soma, this drug gives all the benefits from alcohol, cocaine and LSD with no side affects. While most would think this drug should be frowned upon, it is actually encouraged from a young age along with sex. This is using irony to show what today's excessive consuming could eventually become, by practically solving every problem by giving people what they want (sex and drugs) and getting rid of things they don't want or are difficult to deal with(like family). Yet from the few characters the book follows closely, it's easily seen that life is dull and empty. The use of satire in this book is to present what the future consequences of mass consuming could look like.
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  1. I like your analysis and how you point out that everyone in the book is basically hiding from real world problems which could be an issue, and how it shows us what could happen to our society if drugs and alcohol take over.

  2. I like you showed that consumerism is a problem facing our future.