Friday, February 3, 2017

"African American"

Trevor Noah is an African comedian who came to America and perform his work on stage in front of an american audience. Noah is of a lighter complexion because his mother was South African but his father was Swedish. When he was a kid he noticed at a young age that he was different from the rest and that he wasn't the stereotypical African. In his show African American he talks about many topical issues and primarily focuses on racial jokes and stereotypes. At one point he even started telling us about how he was at a comedy show and all the performers were in the back waiting for their turn on stage. A man came in and said the next performer was from Africa and he went around the room and asked all the darkest blacks in the room if they were from Africa. He then stood up after about five minutes of this and stated that he was the one from Africa and went on stage. Often times when we think about people from Africa they are people with very darker skin complexions that most people are used to seeing here in America. However that doesn't mean that someone of light skin complexion cannot be from Africa. Noah uses dramatic irony to present to us his view on life and what he goes through on a day to day basis. Throughout the show Noah mentions that while he was still in Africa someone mentioned that if he comes to America he can finally be Black and how he can finally stopped being known as a outcast. Noah took an 18 hour flight to America practicing being black and reading and watching a lot of black movies and everything like that. The moment he landed he said "I wasn't black... I was Puerto- Rican". He then said that he was a little upset bu thought it was comical to think that so many people think what you are based on your skin complexion. That's not right cause anybody could be mixed with anything and skin complexion does not judge what you are and race you might be.

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