Thursday, February 16, 2017

See Me Now

The song "See Me Now" by Kanye West in the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy features artists including Beyonce, Charlie Wilson, and Big Sean. The title indicates the meaning of the song, which is about Kanye becoming a successful artist. Although not everyone has the same story as West, some of the lyrics are relatable for everyone. Many people are told that they will never become successful, and this song proves those who questioned their success wrong. It also defies racial stereotypes about black males, since African Americans are often stereotyped as being lazy and unsuccessful.

West starts off by referring to himself as "Socrates, but my skin more chocolatey," which shows his thoughts on his success, while acknowledging the fact that he's black. After stating the fact, he brags about his new lifestyle, saying,
 I might walk into Nobu wit' no shoes,
He just walked into Nobu like it was Whole Foods
The high-end Japanese restaurant, Nobu, is well known for spotting celebrities. By saying that he might walk into a fancy restaurant with no shoes, is a way of saying that he is higher or better than everyone now that he's successful. The second line is a little bit ironic because Whole Foods is normally considered high quality, but in this instance, it is being put down since Nobu is even nicer. This could be considered hyperbole because West is exaggerating about walking into a fancy restaurant with no shoes; he most likely wouldn't actually do that. But it gives us an idea of how successful he has become, that he could even make a joke about that.

While much of the song focuses on how West now has nice things and how his lifestyle has changed, he makes sure to remember his parents. Beyonce sings,
I know one thing, my momma would be proud,
And you see me lookin' up
Cause I know she's lookin' down right now
While West knows that he has become a big deal, he will not forget how he got to the top. He makes sure to thank his father when he says,
"Be successful", that's what dad told me,
So everything I D-O now I O-D
This is a clever use of word choice because the word "do" spelled backwards is "o-d," as in "overdose." While most people think of medicine when they say, "OD," Kanye took this opportunity to explain how he became successful. He's saying that his father taught him to try his best at everything and work hard. The quote shows that every word is important in poetry because it contributes to the meaning of the song as a whole.


  1. I love this song and I love the way you talked about Kanye's use of hyperbole. He uses it in a lot of his songs and I like he uses in in such an intricate way so that the exaggeration is not always obvious and has more of a subtle and ironic effect on the message of the song.

  2. I really have to agree with Audrey. Kanye's use of hyperbole is extremely underrated, but it gives such a deeper meaning to each of his songs.