Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Closer Look on Satire

Seth Meyers, the host of Late Night with Seth Meyers, captures the essence of satire in the segment A Closer Look, which looks at current happenings in politics, and puts them into a different perspective, and does so in a very satirical manner. In a recent segment, entitled Trump’s Second Week is as Chaotic as his First: A Closer Look, Seth looks into the problems the Trump presidency is facing. He opens by stating how it feels like Trump has been president for two years. This is a perfect example of satire, as president’s approval rating typically go down halfway through their term, while Trump is already nearing rock bottom. Another great satirical example is when Seth analyses Trump’s black history speech, and states Fredrick Douglas is being recognized more and more. In a satirical response, Seth impersonates Trump, and says this. “Keep an eye on that Douglas kid, he is going places.” Here, Seth mocks Trump’s poor word choice, or possibly his complete lack of knowledge that Frederick Douglas died over 100 years ago. Seth only analyzes politics in this segment, and keeps the comments all satirical, as nothing in politics is just humorous, it is ironic or has some undertone. After all, the government does what they believe is for the greater good of the country, right?

This has been a closer look.

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