Friday, February 3, 2017

The Satire in the Blow Up Doll

The television show The Office is built on the concept of satirical humor, it’s what makes the show it’s iconic self. The series is based on stereotypical issues of a corporate office and often makes jokes on race, age, sexism and gender.

One episode that really sticks out when it comes to satire specially is the second show of the second season, entitled “Sexual Harassment.” In this episode Michael received news that a CFO quit due to sexual harassment and decides to take matters into his own hands. Michael gives the entire office a mini talk or a conference that dealt with the issue of fraternizing a against women, specifically in the workplace. While talking at his own conference, he begins to start trying to re-lighten up the office by resorting to his old ways of rude and insulting comments. But, the situation gets flipped when Michael goes to the warehouse to get some new joke ideas, but just ends up getting jokes make about him, he runs away embarrassed from a taste of his own medicine.

The show uses both dramatic irony and satire to talk about a real issue in the workplace. They start with the real issue at hand, and slowly spin the topic more and more to the point of totally flipping it for a humorous effect. The episode even gets to the point where Michael brings in a blow up sex doll to show everyone the rights and wrongs of “touching in a corporate office.” By doing this the writers were addressing a serious issue in a completely unexpected funny way that helps the matter to be a bit lighter.

Throughout the entire series, The Office, used satire to make light of real world problems that corporate offices often face. Although they often bring up very controversial topics, it always seems to play out right and ends up making the show so unique and humorous.

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  1. The Office is a great example of how a show can really bring light to serious real world issues in a more funny way. However, I wonder how much this show actually helps the problem by making the issues funny.