Thursday, February 2, 2017

Key & Peele Substitute teacher

In this episode of Key and Peele, they did a skit where a substitute teacher who primarily taught in urban, inner city schools is subbing for a teacher in the suburbs. The skit mainly takes place when the sub is taking attendance and this is where the joke and satire comes in at. As someone of African American descent, I understood the joke pretty well. Blacks in the inner city are known to have uncommon names or pronunciation's, the first name the substitute calls out is Jackqualine which is really meant to be pronounced Jacqueline. When the students states that her name was pronounced wrong the sub got offended and he continues his rampage when a student named Blake which he called Balake also corrects him. As he goes along he pronounces everyones name wrong and continuously gets upset when he's corrected. The satire I found in this is that when an urban teacher is moved to the suburbs he´s in a completely new world and in incapable of knowing how to pronounce common names correctly. In fact when the one black student in the class is called his named is pronounced correctly, Timothy was turned into Tim-Othy and it was correct. This skit showed how when two societies collide the cultural differences are huge, even though we live in the same country

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  1. I like the argument you made with this well-known video, made me think about it in a different light.