Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dilbert, satire in the office

In the Chicago Tribune there is a comic called Dilbert. The author, Scott Adams, uses irony in many different ways to make fun of the attitudes and personalities of the common office worker. In one of the ways shown below, the author makes fun of the idiotic and oblivious boss. This can be seen as an example of Dramatic irony.
The reason this can be seen as dramatic irony is because the boss is clearly oblivious of the fact that he is the cause of the problem. Another use of Irony is situational, and can be seen in the comic below. 
This can be seen as situational irony, as the boss decides to do the opposite of what we would expect. Does this comic try to ultimately change society? No. It does however critique the culture of cubical office life. Possibly, people who find themselves in a position such as this might find this irony relatable to their own life, and might take a moment to think on how they treat their employees, or change their attitude at work.

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