Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Message to Humans- WALL-E Satire

In the Disney movie, WALL-E, satire is used to make a bigger point about the world we live in. In this movie earth turns into one huge garbage pile and all of the humans leave earth and are put on spaceships. WALL-E is in charge of cleaning up earth. The humans in this movie are obese and live on floating chairs, they eat, drink and watch T.V. all day. This movie uses dramatic irony when the humans have no idea that they are living in a unnatural way. I think this movie is trying to tell humans that we are being consumed in our habits; constantly eating, watching T.V., and being on our electronic devices. The humans in this movie are more extreme than than average person in this country, but that is because the creator is trying to tell us something. Instead of trying to make fun of humans, the creator wants us to recognize the problem and our habits and change them before they turn into the habits that are seen in the movie.
Image result for wall-e garbage
Another point this movie makes is how much trash we produce as humans. This movie is an exaggeration of how much is actually in our landfill, but, again, it is trying to tell us to cut back on the disposable products before things get out of hand. I think this movie is funny and really makes you think about the life we as individuals and as a community are living and how we might need to change our habits.


  1. It's cool you used a kid movie to show an example of satire, it's also interesting to see this movie presented as a satire cause there's a message in this movie that is not super easy to understand when watching it as a kid.

  2. This movie is such a good example of satire. It is easy to watch the movie and see the extreme situations-- the lazy humans, the crazy amounts of garbage-- and think that the world will never come to that. When actually thinking of the ideas in the movie, they are not scary because are necessarily going to happen in exactly that way, it is scary because we, as a society, are more close to reaching that point than we should be.