Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What is the truth behind Family Guy?

The cartoon, Family Guy, falsely depicts African Americans with the different stereotypes that are presented. The cartoon promotes many stereotypes of African Americans, many of which relate to similar issues in today’s society. Different episodes of the cartoon show different stereotypes. In some of these episodes, African Americans are singled out and bashed with many different stereotypes. The stereotypes vary from being uneducated, lazy, or violent.

B8S86rCCEAIqP1e.pngThe cartoon promotes many stereotypes, including those of African Americans. The cartoon singles out African Americans from other citizens in their town. African Americans are looked at as unique and fascinating, almost like art in a museum. In their small town, citizens view people with darker skin as outsiders. Generally, people of darker skin are not accepted by the town. Some scenes in Family Guy show examples of how African Americans are looked at by others in the town of Quahog, Rhode Island. They are looked down on and made fun of.  Other scenes in Family Guy show African Americans as a threat to the community. They are portrayed as violent and vicious. Those characters are separated from the community by jails, rehab centers, or lower level classrooms. This promotes the idea that African Americans stand out from society because of their physical appearance.

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