Sunday, November 22, 2015

The (Satirical) Daily Show

     The Daily Show, originally hosted by Jon Stewart but recently taken over by Trevor Noah, is a prime example of how satire is used to make a point about the debauched society we live in today. The beginning of the show uses the most satirical approaches, because it covers the news for the day in a way where it mocks policy makers, newscasters, criminals, and more. The show does a good job of getting news across to people, but in an entertaining way. In the following video, Jon Stewart covers the story of the missing Malaysian Airline flight that went missing about a year ago. Stewart is able to make fun of everyone's countless absurd ideas about how the plane could have gone missing.
     In this video, Stewart uses a lot of dramatic irony by using clips of newscasters stating their preposterous ideas of what could have happened to the plane, even though Stewart and the audience both know that these things such as the plane getting sucked into a black hole could not have possible happened. Although this video shows a lot of dramatic irony, Stewart also uses a lot of verbal irony to get his point across. In most cases, he uses verbal irony in the form of sarcasm. 
      Stewart is not intending to make fun of the newscasters, but instead he is trying to make fun of Republicans in general. Not as much in the video above, but especially during presidential elections, Stewart is seen using his satirical techniques to make fun of the Republican candidates. The overall agenda of the show is to poke fun at people, usually Republicans, using his satirical techniques. 

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