Sunday, November 22, 2015

I'm Afraid of the Dark

Throughout our lives, we are afraid. It starts off as monsters under the bed, that one weird neighbor, falling off your bike, and translates into failure, terror, fear for and of others, death. One of the biggest fears is fear of the dark. When we are younger it is what could be lurking within but, as we get older it is what, who is darker. Coherently is taught racism although usually subconsciously, it's still there. A perfect example, is of Disney Villains. They're big, bold, clever, and in my opinion people to look up to. They are also dark. They are surrounded by black fire with thick green flames. They are followed by black cats, ravens, rats, and bats. They lurk in the after hours, through the streets their shadows cover and everything scurries inside. They're purple. They're red. They're green. They're blue. 

They're black.

Though their skin may be white, their hearts are coal and our minds see black. Black as night. Night brings fright. Fright isn't bright. White is bright, white is pure. Pink and yellow and orange and baby blue speak true. They are nice and kind. The deep, rich purples and blues loom over to terrorize your neighborhood. Terror is bad. Bad is dark. Light is good. Dark is night. Night is black. Black is bad. 
Who says?

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