Monday, November 23, 2015

A High School of Satire

From humble beginnings the web series Video Game High School has received quite the cult following since its inception in May of 2012. The show follows a group of friends that all attend a video game high school due to their skill at gaming. The characters go through average high school scenarios like having a crush, falling in love, struggling between work and play, and bullies. The show is described as an action/comedy, but satire is also a genre the show can fall in.

The satire of VGHS comes from the world the show's creators have made. The show is set in a futuristic world where professional gamers are giant celebrities and the video game industry is running the world. The over exaggerated actions of the characters and the ridiculous norms of the society are made to make fun of the way the world sees gamers.

Every character is really a caricature of a type of gamer. For example, The Law is a very skilled gamer who constantly tries to prove he is the best by challenging others to games. Jenny is a "pretty girl" who also happens to be a hardcore gamer. And Brian D, the casual gamer sucked into a larger gaming world. All of the actors over-play their roles for comedic effect, but it also illustrates the ridiculous stereotypes society has of the gaming world. Society has been limiting the gaming community to a bunch of "nerds" playing games in their mom's basement, but that is not the case.

Gaming has become more mainstream in modern culture than ever. Games like Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: Black Ops have broken entertainment records surpassing film, music, and television. Anyone these days can become a gamer, the access is there and may take the opportunity. Although gaming has become such a staple in our communities there is still a stereotype to overcome. The stereotype is the one society has of gamers being odd recluses living in their mother's basement, which isn't the case. Today, a gaming system is a part of most households, so th think that everyone who plays games will fall into society's stereotypes is crazy.

VGHS uses satire to fight that stereotype. The creators try to show people how the world would be if everyone who plays video games tried to fit that stereotype. A strong use of hyperbole put the characters into wild situations, poking fun at gaming stereotypes.

VGHS is a perfect example of using satire to enlighten you're audience to their own prejudices and stereotypes.

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