Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2 Broke Girls - Cultural Analysis

One of America’s biggest problems is racism, and that’s because we’re a country full of people from all over the world with different histories and backgrounds. In America, a typical racist remark is broadly known as against a person whose Black, Mexican, or even White. There are tons of other minorities living in the U.S. who face the same type of racism everyday, but it’s as noticeable to others or they don’t find it as offensive. People coming from an Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Middle-Eastern, etc. receive the same kinds of backlash from those of other races but it’s not as talked about compared to other races. 
The hit sit-com, 2 Broke Girls, is one of those popular T.V. shows that people are oblivious to the racism it holds. Han Lee is portrayed by Matthew Moy, an American actor who was born in San Fransisco, California. His English is as well spoke as any other American, but in the show his accent makes it seem like he just finished learning English. Not only is it his dialect, but he’s the typical workaholic nerd. The two could not be more different, but because he’s Asian he’s shown as the stereotypical type in the show.

Although 2 Broke Girls is widely love for the blunt humor, it doesn’t stop there with the racist remarks. Each character on the show gets their share of comments whether it’s to the rich white Caroline Channigns, trashy white Max, polish hottie Sophie, the old black Earl, and of course the geeky Asian Han Lee. It’s a show that should only be watched by those with good, light humor.

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