Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Inside Generations

Comedian Amy Schumer has been no stranger to sketch and stand-up comedy, as well as starring in her own film. But, recently she may have created her most relatable sketch ever. Period. On her television show Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central, she aired the amazing sketch, Generations. It depicts a painfully accurate desire for our elderly relatives to stop being so blatantly racist. In the sketch, you can send said relatives to a special class called Generations to teach them the ins and outs of being politically correct in our modern society.
It's always a dilemma of just letting it go because they grew up in a different time, as said in the video, or calling them out on their blatant racism. Whether they should be held accountable for being a dog who can't learn new tricks. Throughout history, propaganda, pop culture, and influences from older generations have always been a huge part of how we perceive things as children as well as how they transfer into adulthood. Today, we are able to brush a lot of this off and laugh at the absurdity of these ideologies when in reality that generation is still in power. They are the head executives of major networks, our political leaders, and so on and so on. There isn't time for us to wait for the all to die out, we have to take control of what we as the majority of citizens, the youth, want and believe in our oh so progressive and liberal society.

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  1. Thanks for showing me that clip. Honestly I didn't think Amy Schumer was all that funny before this, but that clip made me laugh out loud. Interestingly, I noticed that in both of our videos, racist white people described African-Americans as "articulate". I haven't really noticed this before, but maybe racist people describing those they would think of as less intelligent is a common thing?