Monday, November 23, 2015

A completely serious announcement.

Sky Williams is a YouTube star and comedian, specializing in video game humor, providing reviews, commentaries, guides and announcements within his channel, all while exercising his comedic talent. In this particular video, he speaks out on Riot Games, the developers of the worldwide phenomenon League of Legends, and their marketing/advertising decisions. Williams poses as Riot Games' CEO, talking about the changes made to the game, and why they were made.

Part of what makes this video funny and satirical is that you don't have to entirely understand how the game works to find it funny, as the points he makes apply to a lot of the decisions that CEO's make in regards of their companies. A lot of it revolves around how companies don't truly care about their community and how happy they are, and if they don't like it, they can "fight me." Williams also touches on the fact that part of what Riot Games is doing by releasing a set of "chroma packs," which are just the recoloring of in-game models. "We're releasing chroma packs just to distract you from the things that have a negative effect on the game," the video at this point cuts to pictures of sad children.

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