Monday, November 16, 2015

Democratic Debate on College

College tuition is a roadblock for millions of kids in the United States. Many kids don't get the chance to reach their full potential and goals because of the high price of universities throughout America. The chance to start living on their own and starting to adulthood is also affected because of those who choose to stay at a community college so they won't hurt themselves of family with large debt. The "dream college" is really only a dream for most graduates because of these reasons.
Once the idea of college debt gets brought up in the Democratic Debate, Sanders is the first to add in his opinion. Sanders expressed his belief that college should become free, with the states having to pay for 1/3 of the plan. Apparently, those states who fail to do so will be fined a heavy penalty. If college could be free, it would lead to a huge change in our society. For those who cannot afford college, would get a chance to become something more. With a college degree, a thousand more doors of opportunity can open up for them. Although there are thousands who are living extremely successful lives without going to college, there are also thousands who can't make ends meet because their options are more limited and they just weren't as lucky or privileged.
On a more realistic side, O'Malley thinks America should evolve into having debt free colleges by having more grants and crating more state block grants. This idea is a little more realistic because as Clinton adds in, taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for college for Donald Trump's kids. With free college, comes higher taxes and brings around not being able to afford their taxes and forcing people to move. But, the options for college and careers ahead would still open up more. More kids would be able to attend their dream school, or any school that can help them advance their future.
If it didn't somehow come around to nip the American's in the butt, everyone would wish for free college. The employment rate would go up, social classes would shift, and many lives would be changed. If Sanders has a realistic, fair plan than why not help out those who can't always help themselves.

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  1. This made me think of a different one of Sander's speeches-- he acknowledged that the idea of free college sounded idealistic, but explained that although it seems like an impossible undertaking, with determination and consistency in his plan it could happen. I wish he had been more specific about that plan!