Monday, September 1, 2014

Wiggle Stereotype Exposed

The music video, “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo featuring Snoop Dogg quickly raised eyebrows when it was released in early May of 2014. The music video shows girls wiggling their buttocks in a provocative manner, hence the name of the song, “Wiggle”. This video raises the strife between women’s right to wear whatever clothing they desire, and men’s desire to sexualise women. It could be argued that this music video is even more controversial than previous ones, however this trend of provocative females in music videos has been occurring for years, this video is simply icing on the cookie. Wiggle is a classic example of the ideology that women in America are objects to be judged based on sexual features.

The music video focuses on the buttocks of the woman as something that is more important than a person's morals. In the song, Mr. Derulo states, “Hot damn it Your booty like two planets Go head, and go ham sandwich Whoa, I can't stand it.” This obviously objectifies women, and expects their butts to be like two planets. This expectation is firstly unrealistic because one’s butt could never reach that size, and secondly demeaning because it takes away an element of humanity from women. It is simple to flip the situation, one never sees Beyonce making songs that tell men to shake their private parts. Another problem with the video is that it reinforces the stereotype that women must wear provocative clothing to get attention from men, this is obviously wrong and reinforces the ideology that women are sexual objects.W It is blatantly obvious that this video runs hand in hand with the patriarchal society in which we live today. The only way to discard of such offencive material is to discard sexism altogether.

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  1. This is a funny review, but it also brings up a serious problem in America. I agree with your analysis