Monday, September 1, 2014

The New American Family

The award winning TV show, Modern Family, has been a popular program ever since it debuted in 2009 on ABC family. With its millions of viewers watching, Modern Family has thought outside the box and defied the stereotype that in order to be happy, you have to have a perfect, cookie cutter family: married parents + 2.5 kids. This is obviously a false statement and Modern Family has demonstrated this by portraying the lives of a diverse extended family.

In this show, the Dunpheys are the “traditional” family. Their daughter Haley, is the stereotypical ditzy teenage girl, Alex, the nerdy middle child, and Luke who’s not the brightest kid. The Pritchett family contains Jay, the “Patriarch” of the show. He’s married to his second wife, Gloria, a much younger Colombian woman, who already has a son named Manny. Jay’s son Mitchell is married to Cameron, and they adopted a Vietnamese girl named Lily. This show is a great example of everyday lives for families as it incorporates the struggles and humor that other families can relate to. But, the quarrels and problems generated by the families magically become resolved by the end of each episode, which is not necessarily true. For example, in one episode, Luke is trying to teach Gloria how to ride a bike, while Claire is trying to catch this one car that keeps speeding down her block and Phil is trying to sell a house in order to be top real estate agent of the year, and everything gets accomplished over the span of one day, which is unrealistic towards the real world.

Although Modern Family might have some flaws here and there, allover, it is a realistic show that accurately presents a real and unique view of American families.

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