Monday, September 1, 2014

Letting the Moment Seize You- "Boyhood"

Boyhood is a recently released movie about, surprise, boyhood. Although there are many coming of age movies out there, this one is unlike any other seen before. It was filmed over twelve years, (two weeks a year), using the same cast so that the audience can see them age, rather than using a new actor for different times in a character’s life.

Instead of focusing on one moment or period of time in which the boy “comes of age”, as so many stories do, this film concentrates on every moment, encouraging people to be present in not only each others lives, but in their own. To take in all life has to offer before it passes you by. This message is apparent when after 2 hours and 45 minutes, you realize that you have just witnessed a young boy turn into a young man, and what normally would seem like a long time for a movie, suddenly seems brief compared to the number of years covered in the film.

The main character, Mason, through whose perspective the story is told, is adamant about taking life as it comes and letting the moment seize him. He doesn’t buy into social media, or jumping on the bandwagon of the next big thing. This is unusual for a teenager in this generation. Most are in constant need of a distraction or entertainment. In comparison, Mason prefers to stop, notice the beauty around him, and take a picture. Imagine, a teenager documenting their day but not posting it online. Unheard of.

What is most powerful about this film is how accurately it portrays the fleeting series of moments that create a persons life. It is a reminder that in a society consumed by technology and materialism, you must steal yourself away from the screen of your phone, notice how immense the world is, and allow the moment to seize you.


  1. I really, really like this post. I think the message that you write about at the end is really important and it is great that in the mix of all of the bad messages and ideologies in our media that there is at least one thing that shows something good.

  2. I really loved this movie. I think it shows our generation in a very truthful light. The media always shows teenagers now opposed with technology. But really I don't think its as big of a driven in our life (or at least in mind) as the media portrays. I think boyhood shows this in a really great way.