Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Walking Dead and its Representation of Common Ideologies

AMC's The Walking Dead portrays a ragtag band of survivors in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. As with most TV shows, it features a diverse cast, with almost all major ethnic groups being represented. The show depicts black people in a very particular way. T-Dog, Oscar, and Tyreese are all physically strong and of average intelligence. In Season 3, T-Dog, Oscar, and Tyreese are each inducted into the group, but there is no overlap. Although not an ideology, this perpetuates the Hollywood trend of "the black guy always dies first." Glen is asian. He is very bright, but physically weak (compared to the other characters) and hopelessly awkward. He fits the bill of the asian, testosterone-starved, math nerd.

Perhaps the most obvious stereotypical characters are Daryl and Merle Dixon, hailing from the deep south. Merle's troubled character is the embodiment of everything negative about the South and rednecks. He is racist, sexist, and addicted to meth. He is thick-headed, and mercilessly aggressive. Daryl, though, is the opposite. He represents everything positive about the South and rednecks. Daryl is the only character who was even slightly prepared for the zombie apocalypse. He is a highly skilled outdoorsman and hunter who never backs down from a challenge. He always seems to be coming to somebody's rescue. The Walking Dead embodies of the stereotypes that impede our culture's progress.


  1. I agree with your statement that The Walking Dead embodies the stereotypes that impede our culture's progress. The example of the asian guy and the black guys fit in with common american stereotypes.

  2. I agree that southerners are portrayed as rednecks and uneducated in America, and in some ways this is a generalization of Americans in the eyes of foreigners.

  3. I also agree that The Walking dead profiles every person in the story to fit their stereotype in America. Every single stereotype is one seen in almost every book and movie across America.