Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lacrosse: Are Lax Bros Real?

Lacrosse is a sport that is growing rapidly but isn't appealing to everyone due to the "lax bro" mindset that appears with the game. In the YouTube video The Ultimate Lax Bro, Brantford Winstonworth talks about how much of a lax bro he is. Mostly the idea is that lax bros drink and party all the time and that they are white, have a lot of money, and come from the east coast. Brantford gives a little insight into how he lives his life and I believe that is an accurate representation of the lax bro ideology.

An example of how Brantford is a true lax bro is the fact that he wears a lot of pastels and is always partying. This idea deters some players from the sport. Although not everyone who plays lacrosse is a so-called bro, some players are and that steers some potentially great players away from the sport. Another example of a quality that a lax bro has is that he has long flowy hair. This is commonly called flow. If you don't have flow then you cant really call yourself a lax bro.

This video isn't completely correct, though it does cover the main idea of being a lax bro. A way that it was false was the fact that Brantford wasn't really that good at lacrosse. If you are going to be a true bro, then you have to be good at lacrosse as well as wear pastels, have amazing flow, and party all the time.

In conclusion, lax bros are a real part of the sport of lacrosse and that makes this video a true part of American culture. Although not all parts of this video were completely correct, a lot of it still was and that is what makes this story true. Lacrosse is a great sport that has been around for a very long time. It will not go anywhere anytime soon, but with the lax bro mentality that some players posses, the sport will be thought of as a joke until something is done about this lax bro mentality.


  1. I have heard this in the halls and can relate to this. This is a true Ideology of america in many ways showing that all men need to be well off, not care about the future, and be in certain sports.

  2. Being on the baseball team, the term "lax bro" certainly comes up a lot in a negative way. I think it comes from a lot of baseball players thinking that lacrosse players lack toughness because they are as you stated, stereotypical rich white kids. I know a lot of lax players who are tough and very strong so the stereotype is not always true.

  3. Being a lacrosse player, I can personally say that there's a fine line to having a good "lax bro" image or a bad one. In a way, it is kind of a cool method of showing off the sport you play, but there are certain individuals who go over the top to the point where it can get extremely annoying. I do think that as time progresses, the bad image of the lax bro is actually depleting. Because this video got so big and so popular, a lot of coaches, including the ones at OPRF, try hard to keep their player's mindsets more focused on the sport than the image.