Monday, September 1, 2014

A "One Tree Hill" Love Story

“One Tree Hill” was a hit TV series that aired over ten years ago and went for nine successful seasons. It is probably my favorite show of all time. I only watched it over a year ago, but I feel like the problems and the drama told in the stories are still very relevant to every teenager.

One major aspect of the show was the love story of two very different characters. Although this love story is not something you see in every show, everything after that is very cliche. The stereotypical dumb jock falls in love with the nerdy cute girl who has no interest in him. Through a little flirting here and there, of course the girl falls in love with the boy.

We all know how that story ends. Happily ever after. Sure they have their ups and downs as a couple, but they manage to stick together. How often does that happen? Where people my age are able to put everything aside and focus on love. We all wish that we will have this crazy.cute love story, but really, its not realistic anymore. As much as I hope that everyone finds "the one", I know it will never be as easy as I was for Nathan and Haley.


  1. I agree with you! A number of movies, TV, and music videos are based on the jock who falls for the nerdy girl, but it does not usually end up like that.

  2. I completely agree, the story has been told a thousand times and has never been altered to be more realistic.