Monday, September 1, 2014

Used Car Salesman: Good or Bad

One of the many main characters, in the T.V. show Under the Dome, Big Jim is a used car salesman and the secondary selectman of the town. He also has a side job of owning the largest crystal meth lab on the east coast. After the dome came down on the city, trapping everyone inside, Big Jim decided he was the man to lead the town through the rough time. The big question is, is Jim doing this for power or the good of the people. He always of course says that it is for the good of the people, but many of his actions say it is for his own personal interests. The town is truly split over why he is doing this, some believe it is his nature to be a liar because he is a used cars salesman and a politician, but the other half believe that he is the only one who can save the town. Now we have to figure out which side of the town is right. This is almost impossible to do though since everything he does seems to help the town, even if in the littlest way, and give him more power. A great example of this would be when he organized a make shift fire department. The whole town helped stop a fire that was getting to the point where if it spread to one more house crops would have been lost, but even though others volunteered to go help the man trapped in one the houses Jim said he was the only one that should go. He did save a mans life and food, but this also inflated his ego and how strong the believers that he was their savior, backed him up.

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