Monday, September 1, 2014

The Wolf of Corporate America

The incredibly raunchy and explicit film, The Wolf of Wall Street, is based on the true story of a man named Jordan Belfort, a stock broker and the founder of the infamous brokerage firm, Stratton Oakmont. The film shows the life of a man who gets into the stock market selling penny stocks and finds that he has an incredible talent for not only selling stocks.  Eventually he moves on from the small world of selling penny stocks to a much larger firm where he learns the in’s and out’s of stock brokering. Soon after, he opens his own firm, where through illegal practices he makes an enormous fortune. The film closes with Jordan being sentenced to three years in prison after the dramatic fall of the empire he had built.
The Wolf of Wall Street depicts a vivid and graphic picture of what the under-belly of the stock market is really like, and simultaneously destroys the ideology that people get rich by working hard. Jordan Belfort made over two-hundred million dollars by cheating and lying his way to the top of the market, not working hard.

Many Americans believe that people can achieve such incredible wealth through pure hard work, and while that is not inherently untrue, most people don’t even have the smallest iota of a chance of earning such wealth through legal means.

This film is almost three hours long and that is for good reason. In this time this film not only has the space to tell the usual story of someone gathering immense wealth through illegal means, but also shows the often left-out, but realistic, downfall of these people. In the end The Wolf of Wall Street does a great job of depicting the ideology that the viewer knows and loves, and then spoon-feeding said viewer a much truer picture of reality.


  1. I agree with the statement that becoming wealthy is not necessarily achieved through hard work and that this is apparent not only from this one Wall Street mishap but also by people like Bernie Madoff.

  2. I agree with the fact that getting rich and living a luxurious life style is not obtained completely by hard work.

  3. I agree that becoming a wealthy through illigal means is an ideology I also belive that the American ideologies present in Wolf of Wall Street are endless. One being wall street is mostly a mans world. All those who are on wall street are Drug and sex addicts and much more.

  4. Having seen the movie, I think you do an excellent job describing the movie in every way. I especially like your opinion on hard work and the myth that all successful people work hard. Many times they just get lucky or are at the right place at the right time.