Monday, September 1, 2014

The Truth About Cop Comedies

The role of the American Police System is pertinent to modern day America as pressing issues involving our society often get crossed with Police intervention. The movie trailer, “Let’s Be Cops” is about two ordinary young men who take a Halloween costume and turn it into an occupation. The trailer “Let’s Be Cops” breaks down stereotypes that society has of the Police, by showcasing what society wants the Police to look like. For example, the “Cops” in the movie engage in smoking and the consumption of alcohol, which can lead to legal trouble. They also address the stereotype that the Police are lazy, and contribute nothing by depicted scenes where the Cops are always on the job. Another stereotype about the Police is that they act in accordance to their own personal interests or under their own motives. This is shown in the movie trailer as the Cops choose only to respond to emergency calls that particularly interest them, such as helping a damsel in distress. The way that Cops are portrayed in the movie trailer for the film, “Let’s Be Cops”, exposes the stereotypes of the American Police system by showing what society desires the system to be. Another example of the way that society views the Police system is the movie 21 Jump Street. The cops in that movie are undercover high school students trying to bust a covert drug ring. They, as well as the "cops" in "Let's Be Cops" consume drugs in an "attempt" to take down the ring. These repeating occurrences show that society does not want the Police to intervene with the use of drugs and or alcohol. Comedies about the American Police department satirize the system of Police established in our country today by exposing false truths and promoting other ideologies.


  1. I agree with you. I think that because of different forms of media today, cops are portrayed as party animals who like excitement, so they go and get themselves in the middle of dangerous situations. People expect that they don't really care about doing good for their community. In reality, the majority of cops probably care a lot about their community, and work hard to ensure it's safety.

  2. You're analysis is very spot on, the ideology of the police force is greatly affected by the media today. This is especially true because, as you have written, the media shows the bad side of the police.

  3. I agree with your assumption, being a police man is way overplayed today in media and is over hyped and really isnt that great.