Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Controversy of the "Anaconda"

Popular Rapper Nicki Minaj just recently released a song entitled "Anaconda" using heavy samples from classic rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot throughout the song. The song itself promotes an enormous amount of sexual slurs and promotes almost, if not all, things about sex.

As the song released it had peaked to #2 on the Billboard top 100 list within several days and gained popularity through social media and mainly the radio. Several weeks after the song released Nicki Minaj released a preview of the video (a short fifteen second snippet) that included plenty of images of an all out jungle terrain, and lots of half-dressed women in the vicinity of the camera. When the video's snippet was released, hundreds of thousands of people began tweeting about it and it was so popular that certain news channels were doing reports about the song's upcoming music video. Knowing the song objectifies women of all sorts by showing way too much skin and twerking throughout the video, people continued to promote the video and tell others to look forward to it.

When the music video to Nicki Minaj's Anaconda did finally release on August 19, 2014, the video gained a scary 19.6 million views within the video's first 24 hours of being on the internet, breaking the world record of "Most Seen Internet Video wiithin 24 hours". As the days go by more and more people can see the objectifying of women in the video and people go about it like it is not there or it is okay but it is not what;s right.


  1. I agree the Anaconda video is totally wrong and it is very revealing towards a female body.

  2. I think the change in what society sees as normal or okay is actually amazing, but not necessarily in a good way. 20 years ago something like this never would have been released, let alone branded on the news and all over every social media site out there.

  3. Aside from being annoying and a bad rapper, you opened my eyes as to how Nicki reinforces the objectifying of women in rap music. Frankly, this is shocking that a woman would make a video (that she knew would be seen all over the world) of women being used as props. I think that this helps reinforce to many that the objectifying of women is okay, because even a woman is participating in the practice.