Monday, September 1, 2014

Project X and Teenagers

The movie Project X is based on a party that actually happened in Australia. In beginning of the movie, Thomas is a normal guy whose birthday is coming up and his friends plan to throw him a party, and record it, while his parents are gone. The party gets out of control and hundreds of people start showing up and causing chaos and destruction. The film ends when Thomas gets lightly reprimanded by his dad and makes up with Kirby, his friend who he has feelings for. Project X is part of a partying culture among teenagers and young adults in high school and college. It is important to discuss this movie because it is recent, popular, and has influenced the minds of many adolescents.

Project X makes it appear that parties are a part of life and that they justify doing anything without putting emphasis on the consequences. The party in the movie got so out of control but besides property damage, there were very few other incidents mentioned. In reality, the damage occurring at many parties can also include physical and sexual harm in many cases. Even after the party is over, Thomas' dad only seemed somewhat disappointed in him, and later his dad's dialogue changed to an almost admiring tone. Even with all of destruction of his own and other's property, family problems, and police involvement, Thomas is still applauded by his classmates in the school and quickly works things out with Kirby.

While the movie does try to come off as realistic by having it set from a characters perspective, it is actually very manipulative. The movie is trying to appeal to teenagers by showing them "The party you've only dreamed about", which it does very well. However, this might not be the best image of a party to show teenagers, who may very well try to emulate it. Project X is very entertaining but gives the wrong idea about parties, especially those that get out of hand, which don't always end well and can certainly destroy people's lives. That being said, I did like the movie.
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  1. This movie was crazy and entertaining, but it was unrealistic and anybody who goes into something like that should already know that there will be consequences. I agree that teenagers get the wrong idea in their head about parties and are only thinking in the moment when they're having fun and not about after.