Monday, September 1, 2014

No more mischief in my mind

The song “Mind Mischief,” by Tame Impala, portrays a young man who has fallen in love with a girl that is sending him mixed signals about how she feels. This single is what launched Tame Impala into stardom. The song shows how women can be very manipulative and controlling over men’s emotions. The song takes us on a psychedelic trip through the man’s thought patterns throughout the evolution of their relationship. It starts off with the man doing anything to keep the relationship going.

Me and my love we’ll take it slow
I hope she knows that I’ll love her long
I just don’t know where the hell I belong

After he does all that it takes for her, the man starts to become fed up with all of the heart ache he has had to go through and starts to become annoyed. He has been too optimistic with the relationship and is now seeing it for what is really is.

How optimism led me astray
Two hundred things I took the wrong way
But I saw her love gauge running low
I tried to fill but it overflowed

At this point in the song, the man has seen the girl who has caused him such turmoil, acting as if nothing has happened. Then, she returns to acting how she had in the beginning of their relationship. This makes the man feel fantastic and happy, and this shows how the woman has complete control over the man’s emotions.

She remembers my name
Could be blown way out
It’s all going to change
She remembers my name

To no surprise, the woman finally takes a left turn and leaves the man. Finally, the man is truly fed up and done with all the games says the title of the song “No more mischief with my mind.” He tells the woman to go and find Mr. Right.

But she was only messing around
Please, no more playing with my heart
Ooh, go with Mr. Right just for once
No more mischief with my mind

This song portrays the story of a young man losing his mind over a girl that is sending him mixed signals. She has made his mind go all over the place with her games. This song shows the ideology where women control emotions of men, as this girl and make the guy lose his mind over trying to make her stay with him.

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  1. awesome article eric never noticed this meaning of the song before.