Monday, September 1, 2014

Nicki Minaj - Talented singer or bad role model?

"Anaconda" by the pop-culture artist Nicki Minaj was first posted on YouTube on August 19th, 2014 and already has nearly 110 million views. Teenagers all over the world are having this music played through their ears almost constantly and it would be foolish to say that it doesn't leave an impression on them. Many young girls look up to Nicki as inspiration and I believe we should more carefully filter the ideologies and stereotypes that are being subconsciously programmed into the brains of today's youth.

Nicki Minaj's music sends too many false stereotypes and messages to those that listen to it. This video supports the idea that young women must expose themselves and have curvy figures to receive sexual attention from men, and that a man won't want them unless they're a particular way. Not only does this send the wrong messages to young women, but it also validates the disgusting and violating habits that young men have acquired. Men are constantly objectifying women's bodies and acting like they own them. This music only further validates all of these ideologies in our society.

This video makes the impression on young women that their bodies must be a certain way, and they must show off their bodies to get attention from men. Could this possibly be linked to the countless sexting cases all over our nation? Skip to 1:33 in the video to have a full body shot of Nicki Minaj's perfect, curvy body. Consider how this makes girls all over the globe feel about their bodies. Young girls all over the country wear the tightest clothes and feel like they must showcase their bodies to attract the men around them, making them think that attraction is mostly physically based.

Nicki Minaj is an extremely influential and popular artist amongst todays youth. The ideologies and stereotypes in her music are reflected in todays youth in my eyes, and I believe there should be more of a filter and critical audience of popular music today than there is. 


  1. This analysis is very in depth and I would agree that this video negatively effects women, and even men. This analysis shows that Nicki Minaj is detrimental to the belief that women aren't objects, and is going in the other direction saying they only like her for he curves and her butt.Great analysis!

  2. Great analysis. This video and analysis make me wonder if Nicki Manaj's only idea of female empowerment is to use her body to get accepted by men. The song puts great emphasis on the misconception that having a butt is what really matters.

  3. I completely agree with this. I watched the video and it seems like there's no artistic point to it besides her ass. That's dumb in and of itself, and then you're completely right on the other fronts. It's just a dumb video that nobody seems to have put thought into, nobody seemed to think about how it would, like you said, make other women think about their bodies.

  4. I like this analysis and I agree with it. Too many songs and videos are portraying certain genders the wrong way and are giving people the wrong mindset about society. Men and women should be accepted for who they are no matter who it may be.

  5. I totally agree with this. People don't really think about what they play on the radio and the negative affects it can have. This is dangerous, especially with the portrayal of gender roles.