Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Loyal" is Anything But

The song “Loyal” by Chris Brown featuring Little Wayne and Tyga is the embodiment of every negative ideology present in today’s rap culture. The song not only objectifies women, but attempts to make it seem as if men are the victims of women’s unfaithfulness in relationships. An example of this is when they rap “But you was blowing up her phone last night, but she ain't have her ringers or her ring on last night.” This line exemplifies the ideology in rap culture that married women will frivolously cheat on their partner on a whim. This is completely false, the majority of women do not cheat on their significant other, and men are just as likely as women to cheat, if not more so.
The song also degrades women by referring to them as “These hoes.” In fact, “These hoes ain’t loyal” is the chorus of the song. This line perpetuates the rap ideology that women are “hoes” and therefore it is acceptable to say or do anything to them. This song sends the negative message to listeners that it is perfectly acceptable to degrade women, and to be careful because the woman you enter in a relationship will likely cheat on you for someone with more money. “Loyal” sends an extremely harmful and untrue message to its listeners, and is a byproduct of the sexism prevalent in rap culture today.

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  1. I couldn't agree more man. I despise this song. There is not one bit of truth in any of the ideas they preach. Have we not forgotten when Chris Brown smashed Rhianna's face into a wind shield? Absolutely ridiculous.