Monday, September 1, 2014

Kenneth N Cultural Analysis "Guardians of the Galaxy; Not Your Average Comedy"

Guardians of the Galaxy is a sci-fi action comedy about a man who was taken to outer-space as a child and currently as an adult, in the film, is somewhat of a drifter who tries to steal and sell artifacts. This movie, unlike most sci-fi action movies stars not a heroic masculine man, but a goofy guys who loves pre-80’s music. The film doesn’t focus on the comedic surroundings of the main character for the funny parts, but rather focuses on the main character and shows that he himself is a goofy guy. The film has both comedic and dramatic situations and is very well balanced between them both. This movie was one in which I believe will start defying the trend of the typical action movie that everyone knows so well.
This film defies the norms of the typical action movie, this trend has been seen in prior movies such as the “Men In Black” series and the much older movie “Spaceballs”  Guardians of the Galaxy has more than comedic relief but less than a comedic plot, with more of a comedic protagonist, which is why it is believed to be somewhat of a revolutionary movie. Hopefully directors and producers will like the idea of making action comedies comedic without changing the whole movie into a comedy so future films can be just as entertaining.
Peter Quill, the main character in the film is much more of an interesting man through the way he is displayed, rather than the stereotypical action hero. He is three dimensional and is shown to have good and bad qualities, rather than the justice craving flat viewed action hero. Peter is awkward but then again has his heroically smooth moments.

In the movie there is a scene with Peter and Gamora, the attractive feminine presence in the film, where they fall on top of each other, when it is expected for them to kiss Peter awkwardly starts rambling trying to be somewhat smooth and ruins the moment. But then there is also a scene where Gamora and Peter are again in an intense situation as before and he is able to pull off the kiss without completely ruining it. This film is overall well balanced and does a fantastic job of defying the norms of the typical action comedy.

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  1. I agree that well done action comedies, while not exactly new, are rare, and I would love to see them more often. I also appreciate that you avoid spoilers, as I still haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy.