Thursday, September 4, 2014

Not Your Normal Girl in a Country Song

I was listening to 99.5 the other day, the only country station on FM in Oak Park, and I was driving along listening to a song that I immediately started to be a critic of. I heard a few lines of country song that I love, but in a different manner. The way this song was being sung, it was bashing those songs that I love to listen to but obliviously heard the lyrics. A simple country song by two friends guarding their dignity trying to stray from stereotypes. Sure enough when I got home and looked up the title and the lyrics it all made sense "Girl in a Country Song".

The words captured my attention by those lyrics saying NO, I’m not going to be the slut that walks around in short shorts. NO, I’m not that kind of girl who just falls for you to go home with you and spend the night. Coincidentally they are southern girls and unfortunately those things do happen.

The obvious stereotype that is every southern skinny girl is looking for sex and guys. But what I saw in this song was of course girls love to have fun, but there’s a limit. I love this song simply because it totally contradicts every country song about a girl that has ever been sung. Clever and catchy.

This song has made me think a little bit more about what am I really listening to? What words are actually going into my mind and which one stay and form stereotypes in my mind unconsciously? I really do like the song and how much it makes me think, I believe that people should listen to lyrics instead of just hearing them and singing along.

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  1. I listened to the song and watched the music video and loved it. It got an important message across while still being funny and a quality song. I agree completely that the song is a refreshing change.