Monday, September 1, 2014

High School is just about Prom, Right?

This American Life is a popular weekly podcast. There is normally several stories or talks about a central topic. On this episode, the main topic was prom. "Save the Last Dance for Me...again" was the second part of the podcast were Francine Pascal, the writer of the Sweet Valley series, talks about her opinion on prom. This portion of the podcast enforce the false truth that high school revolves around prom.

Through out the podcast, Pascel calls prom the glory of high school. Though prom is a social event that many do remember, most people only spend a few months preparing for it. She fells to mention the other events in high school that most find more impotent, such as graduation. Graduation is a event that people spent there entire high school career pursuing. An if people do not graduate this can follow them there whole life, causing them to be unable to go to college or obtain jobs. Even though Pascel talks about how mortifying a bad prom can be, this will no cause any real problems in someone's life other then maybe wishing they had a different experience. Yet, still culture shows prom as if it is a goal every high schooler is waiting around for all four years.

Pascel also says that prom is the getting married of high school. This idea gives an importance on prom that I have never seen. A bride or groom on there wedding day have much more at stake then a high schooler going to prom. At prom there are no legal documents, as far as I know.

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  1. Personally, I think that prom is a great thing to look forward to but not something to waste all for of your years to build up to. No doubt should it be a good experience, but never bigger than graduation.