Monday, September 1, 2014

GTA V: Reinforcing Sexism and Stereotypes

Every member of society, whether consciously or not, participates in sexism and prejudice. In Rockstar's GTA V,  we see nearly every stereotype in existence. Rockstar has made use of stereotypes and sexism in such a blatantly obvious manner that it could only be on purpose.

GTA attempts to break stereotypes and sexism by exaggeration, making us aware of our subconscious biases. While GTA V attempts to inform us of our hidden preconceptions, it actually promotes them by way of reinforcement. GTA V  is especially prolonging negative portrayals pf women.

Every mission in  GTA V that involves a woman portrays her either as an overly stereotypical secretary, a rude and exceptionally hostile feminist, or as an object for men to "pick up" at their liking. In story mode, there is a side-mission where you run a race against a woman who is a staunch feminist. While running with her, she makes many over-the-top comments generally referencing her hatred of men. These comments are extreme, and really cements the stereotype that all feminists are rude, and hate men. Early on in the game, there is a series of missions which you perform for a man, but you only meet the man twice. The other missions, you are contacted by his secretary, who is, of course, a woman. By night, you can pick up prostitutes who will actually perform somewhat censored sexual acts with your character. The strip club in  GTA V  is also 100% women strippers while middle aged men gaze at pole dancing women and receive lap dances. GTA V attempts to inform people of how ridiculous these stereotypes and sexist portrayals of women are, but most people simply have their prejudices and preconceptions reinforced within their sub-conscious.

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